USB Windproof Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter (Black/ Blue)


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  • Rechargeable USB smart electronic cigarette lighter
  • Easy to carry, pocket size, lighter
  • Flameless and environment friendly
  • Can be used while heavy wind blowing
  • Carry everywhere even in restricted area such as office etc. where use of normal cigarette lighter is restricted

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The combined design of the USB lighter flameless/ windproof is sure to leave you impressed. Made from plastic, this one of a kind electronic lighter, is a must have for your need.

The built of the lighter is pretty strong so you can use it for a long time. It features a flameless windproof light for your lighting needs. No longer do you have to face the problem of forgetting your lighter at home. In addition, it has an USB port which can be used to charge the lighter. It has a long battery life as well so you don’t have to worry about charging it again and again.

Design and looks being windproof, it makes the USB lighter very efficient. You can even use it in a storm. Also, the lighter uses no gas making it extremely safe for you and people around you.

Note: just after lighting the cigarette, please keep the cigarette away from the lighter, so that the burning cigarette does not damage the lighter

Additional information

Dimensions 1.6 × 2.8 × 8 cm