Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner – Pro Vacuum Suction Blackhead Remover, Pores Cleaner


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  1. This product is helpful for acne and pimple skin treatment.
  2. It’s polish your skin, reduce rough holes and fine lines. 
  3. It helps to promote nutrition absorption and skin metabolism. 
  4. It comes in diamond designs sense. It’s a comfortable to use and ergonomic handle. 
  5. It is good for sagging skin and prevents wrinkles. 
  6. This product comes with different head suction with different functions. 
  7. Battery power is 2*AA. 
  8. It is easy to use and convenient. 


  1. 5V voltage. 
  2. Suction is about > 65Kpa 
  3. Power of the battery is 5W.
  4. Size of this product is 240*160*60mm 
  5. It comes in white color. 
  6. 2*AA batteries(not included) 

Package contains: 

  1. 1 Host 
  2. 3 Beauty instrument head. 
  3. 1 instruction manual.