Neck Fan – Portable Sports Fan, Mini Hanging Neck Fan


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  1. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, like – office, subway, travelling, camping, hiking, picnic.
  2. It comes in mini size and small enough to fit inside a purse or hand held.
  3. This product is made of ABS and silicone materials. 
  4. It is durable and long service life.


         This product has user friendly systems and can be folded into a standing fan, which is very convenient. 


  1. You can charge this product by 5V/1A Micro USB plug cable. 
  2. Set speed gear low, medium and high. 
  3. Battery about 1200 mAh, weight is 180g and size is 260*180*3MM. 
  4. Made of ABS + silicone.
  5. Press for three seconds to power on/ off. 
  6. When the fan is on, blue light flashes.
  7. When the fan is charging,red light flashes. 
  8. When it’s fully charged, blue light flashes.
  9. Flashing red light when battery is low.

Package Contains:

  1. Fan
  2. USB Charging cable.
  3. Manual

Three wind speed gears: low, medium and high