Car Back Seat Organizer


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Is it hard to keep your car clean and organized? Backseat organizer is great to keep your car organized and clean.

It has enough well made pockets which can accommodate almost anything that you can find laying on your car seats. It also has a foldable tray for having some snacks and using a laptop.  

This seat organiser has different pockets which are designed to hold almost everything that you have in a bag. You can use these pockets for your phone, iPad, cups, beverages, tissue box, umbrella and any tiny item. It is as if you can open your bag and put everything on this organised and it will fit in perfectly.

This product is easy to clean, for this you just need a few sweeps of a scrub or a piece of cleaning cloth. 

This product is water proof which means no need to worry about spilled water and beverages. The water proof material of this product enables you to use damp scrub and wet wipes to clean up any persistent stain.



This product comes with a foldable tray made of aluminium. It can easily handle the weight of a laptop and water bottles. This back seat organizer comes in three different colors. You can pick one which suits your car interiors and preferences. Colors are: Black,Beige and Tan 

Car Seat Organizer (Tan)
Car Seat Organizer (Beige)

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Beige, Black, Tan