Car Air Pump – Portable Electric Mini Tire Inflator, Air Compressor


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  1. It has 260PSI, inflates ordinary car tires to about 5 minutes (>30PSI).
  2. It is powered by Cigarette lighter/ DC12V.
  3. It’s inobtrusive and automatic with one press, dense and moveable, easy to use.
  4. 260PSI provides a pressure gauge and 3 nozzle adapters. 
  5. It is best for inflating tires, balls, rubber floater, hovercraft and so on.


  1. 260 PSI 
  2. DC12V Voltage 
  3. Power is about 120-150W 
  4. Metal & plastic material.
  5. Automatic Operation: firstly, present the pressure value, cigarette lighter to be plugged into the 12V socket, Screw the connector clockwise onto  the tyre valve stem.
  6. Secondly we need to be sure that the connector is well connected with the stem.
  7. Lastly, push the start button to start the compressor , pressure value reaches the required value.The start button can be overridden to preset the pressure value ,if required to change.

Common Use Error:

Inflator will not inflate a tire that is already at the peak or at Max pressure. It will only inflate to max pressure and then automatically shuts off.  

Package includes: 

  1. 1×Air compressor
  2. 3×ball adaptors