Automatic Water Dispenser Pump – Electric Water Dispenser, Water Dispenser


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  1. It is rechargeable and you can charge it with a USB cable contained in the product box.
  2. You can use this water pump anywhere because it is portable and small in size. 
  3. Just charge for 2 hours and you can use it for 5 barrels of water or so.
  4. When you connect for charging, the red light goes on. When its fully charged, the red light goes out.
  5. It is easy to operate, you just need to press the button and then hold the cup waiting for drinking water.
  6. This electric pump saves energy. 
  7. It is extremely simple to install and use.
  8. It comes with food grade silicone tube for longer usage and this is also odorless, non-toxic, healthy and ecological. 
  9. This is not prone to rust and aging,it’s easy to detachable and clean.Also safer and healthier.
  10. You can easily set it in the bottle mouth or use it at  the top of the desk.
  11. It’s adapted to the size of the water Barrelled. 
  12. you just need to press the switch and it will operate immediately. 
  13. This is a portable device. you can use it for outdoor and indoor activities like camping, picnic, hotel etc.


  1. This electric water pump model is A6.
  2. Approximate size of this product is 62× 130mm/ 2.44 ×5.12″ 
  3. Rated power is about 5W.
  4. Product colour white and black. 
  5. Material used ABS + silica Gel +304 stainless steel.
  6. suitable Capacity of this project is 4.5 L, 5 L and 4.5 L, 10 L, 11.3 L ,15 L and 18.9 L
  7. Power supply by USB. 
  8. This product is applicable for families, hospitals, banks, restaurants, hotels, schools, offices and other high-end establishments. 


  1. This product is only for a single cooling type.
  2. Recharge it for 4 hours before the first use. 
  3. Do not use this product to extract alcohol, oil and other irritating liquid.