Aromatherapy Solar Dancing Ring Air Diffuser


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Make your Car, Home & Office more refreshing with this mesmerizing Aromatherapy Solar Air Diffuser



  1. It is solar powered
  2. It is very beautiful to watch and exceptionally great to smell.
  3. The size is compact
  4. No Electronic Component is there
  5. It is easy to set up
  6. It is very easy to refill

There is no need of charging since it automatically charges from solar energy. A solar cell is placed at the center which turns it on as soon as it comes in contact with sun rays. So say goodbye to constant charging is recharging and those annoying wires are lying here and there.

Some products are very difficult to set up. But, this is not one of them for sure. This product is very easy and smooth to set up. It hardly takes around 2 minutes to set it up and make ready to work.

After the set up, when the diffuser starts working, it gives out an eye soothing view and relaxing fragrance. The fragrance is so strong that be it the odor of anything, it won’t catch your nose. It is best suited for cars and confined spaces to fill the air with fragrance.

The most highlighted feature of this product is that it is very compact. The size is so small that it can be easily fitted on the car dashboard or even in the tiny drawers of your cupboard. This makes it very handy and an all-rounder.

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